SBA Preferred Lenders Program (PLP) Lender

      Noah Bank received delegation from the SBA to make final credit decision and most of the servicing and liquidation
      authority and responsibility. As a Preferred SBA Lender, Noah Bank is committed to qualify businesses more easily
      and provide them with more flexible terms than conventional loan options.

As a small business owner, you may qualify for the SBA program if:
Must not exceed the size standard for the industry
Must be located within the United States
For profit company
Owner Occupied and Operated
Unable to secure credit is unsecurable under reasonable terms by another credit facility
Noah Bank, as a Preferred SBA Lender, also offers the following benefits:
Rapid application process and extremely efficient decision-making process for fast and easy approval
Single point of contact throughout the entire process of application to closing
SBA 7(a) and SBA 504
Long-term financing
Minimal conditions
Eligible Uses of Loan Proceeds
Acquire Land and/or purchase, construct or renovate buildings
Acquire a business or franchise
Improve a site, including up to 5% of the loan amount for community improvements such as curbs and sidewalks
Acquire and install fixed assets
Expanding of business
Working Capital
Purchase or refinance owner-occupied real estate
Refinance debt to reduce monthly payments
      At Noah Bank, we are dedicated in providing solutions for your business and exceed your expectations.
      We understand the importance of providing you with a wide range of financial tools to help you achieve and
      execute your business goals.
      Our team of expert SBA lenders is here to provide you with the right kind of customized loan options
      to help your business grow.

*Subject to credit approval